Entry #1

Why hey there. ^_^

2012-09-22 10:42:54 by GW0LF


Guess I should make this brief and not a whole long paragraph about my whole life and achievements and such... or I could if I wanted to see if you guys would TLDR it. NAH, I will make it brief.

The name is GW0LF, that's with a zero by the way, and I am cooky, random, odd and friendly guy that is striving to be a awesome artist one day so I could maybe do some concept art for video games. I do a video game series on YouTube called GG BROS where I ramble about with my friends and such while I play video games. (It's my way of using my voice for funny stuff since I would like to dabble in voice acting or something. ^^;; Poor way of doing it huh?) I use to be a ghost on this site, but decided why not make a account already.

Anyways, I hope to make plenty of friends with you guys on this site and get to make you guys laugh some more like all the awesome people here!

If you care to check out my YouTube videos, you can go to the link below! =D


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